The Roaches

Memories from various trips to Wales

A collection of various shots taken in Snowdonia...

Snowdon (far left) and Crib-y-dsygll (far right) with the final pinnacles of Crib Goch in the foreground.

Ratboy at the end of the narrowest part of the Crib Goch ridge. At its narrowest the ridge is only a foot wide with drops of hundreds of feet on either side.

Looking back to the summit of Crib Goch from the same viewpoint as above.

Cloud in the Llanberis pass.

Hello, what's Ratboy looking at?

Looking across the initial narrow section of Crib Goch on Snowdon.

It has to be said that there are very few ridges in the UK that are as much fun as this. Narrow, exposed and always entertaining and yet you'd have to be a special kind of person to fall off.

Dave couldn't stop laughing as Mike choked on a piece of his own turd! This shot was taken on Tryfan in the Ogwen valley.

After Dave had won an argument with Mike about the death of the UNIX OS and that Mike's career was going nowhere, Mike decided to fight back by exhibiting his scrambling skills.

Dave however had the last laugh as Mike's career did turn out to go nowhere!

Snowdon from the path to Lliwedd. Snowdon is one of the finest peaks in the UK with its high altitude, sharp ridges and many sheer faces.

A side-on shot of the Crib Goch ridge from further along the ridge. Note the number of walkers on the ridge itself. We had just completed this, the narrowest section of the ridge, on our own and so missed the usual heavy traffic.


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