The Roaches

Memories from the Scotland walking trip - 1990

Geraint and I decided that it was about time we'd knocked off some of Scotland's most famous peaks so in the summer of 1990 we set off to Glencoe in order to claim our first scalp - the Aonach Eagach ridge.

The trusty old Cavalier. The doors were all open in order to let midges out but it may have also let a few in.

After a good night's drinking in the Clachaig (where we camped) we decided to walk the ridge in a west-east direction. This entailed an annoyingly steep 3000ft climb by the side of Clachaig gully to reach the first Munro. Many gallons of beery sweat were lost.

Looking east along the ridge. Am Bodach is the peak in the far distance.

One of the many many pinnacles on the ridge.

Geraint's rucsac perched on a particularly narrow section of the ridge.

Looking down onto the Chancellor from the Aonach Eagach ridge.

Looking back westwards along the ridge from near Am Bodach.

A rather young looking me with a rather young looking Geraint.

After scrambling up onto the summit of Am Bodach I remember mentioning to Geraint that descending off the peak would be an 'interesting' move. When I traversed the ridge from east to west a few years later I noticed that the descent off Am Bodach is to the left (south) of the summit whereas Geraint and I had scrambled up over the crags to the north. In retrospect the route taken in 1990 was a far harder scramble and one that I wouldn't be capable of completing these days. Well, unless death or serious injury count as being completed.

At the time I was slightly disappointed with the Aonach Eagach ridge as everything I'd read beforehand had described it as a nerve-wrenching scramble over numerous difficult objects. This was probably due to been a lot fitter, lighter and not caring one jot about the consequences of a fall.

The rest of the week involved driving up to Torridon where the might Liathach was conquered. We then drove up to Ullapool and knocked of the equally majestic An Teallach. More photos to follow soon!


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