The Roaches

Walks in the Dark Peak (Gritstone area) of the Peak National Park between 2004 and 2011.

SEPTEMBER 2004: The Roaches

Doxey Pool on the Roaches. Ratboy and his 'fiance' Lindsey are pictured along with Alison (Sep 2004).

FEBRUARY 2008: The Roaches

February 2008 - Looking back towards Hen Cloud from behind the Roaches.

Gordon, Mike and Karen enjoying the conditions near Hanging Stone - Feb 2008.

APRIL 2007: Alport Castles and the Derwent Valley

A view from Lockerbrook heights, above the A57 Snake Pass, looking towards Lose Hill, Back Tor and Mam Tor.

The eastern slopes of Kinder Scout are in view to the right. This shot and the following three shots were taken on Good Friday, 2007, during a 12.5 mile walk up to the Alport Castles and around the three large Derwent valley reservoirs.

Looking over Alport Castles, one of the biggest landslips in the UK. Kinder Scout is in the background.

The Tower, a remnant of the Alport Castles land slip. Alport Dale can be seen in the middle distance with the northern escarpment of Kinder Scout visible in the far distance.

Howden reservoir. Alison and Ann are in the middle distance with a hopelessly slow group of slackers in the background. Looks like Gordon, Jane, Ken, Dave and Macca to me.

JULY 2005: The Goyt Valley

I've been inundated with emails from the many ladies that regularly look at the site asking for more shots of Neil's stomach - look and sweat girls! - July 2005.

Ann looks away whilst Ken's face reflects the horror of what was about to appear.

It reminded me of Richard Burton's narration from Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds... 'Next morning a crowd gathered on the common, hypnotized by the midday heat when suddenly, the top came off. A huge rounded bulk, larger than a bear, rose up slowly, glistening like wet leather. Its lipless mouth quivered and slathered, and snakelike tentacles writhed as the clumsy body heaved and pulsated.'

Most of the Cumbria Way team on Shining Tor. Gordon, Dave Macca and Mike R were busy in the allotment, losing wallets and keeping kids happy - July 2005.

FEBRUARY 2008: The Goyt Valley

Chrome Hill

A view over to Chrome Hill from the Axe Edge lay-by. February 2008.

Danebower Hollow

The 'Ginger Ninja' on Danebower Hollow. Heading towards the Cat and Fiddle in Feb 2008.


Dave and Ann powered on to the Errwood car park only to find that they had take the wrong route and had to walk back to the main path. Snigger - Feb 2008.

Wheres Dave?

Fancy an eye test? Somewhere on the climb up Berry Clough is our Dave. Can you spot him? Feb 2008.

FEBRUARY 2005: Shutlingsloe

Alison and Ann on the summit of an extremely windy Shutlingsloe. The microwave tower on Sutton Common can be seen in the distance (Feb 2005).

Leaving the summit of Shutlingsloe on the same windy day. The Roaches is the hill on the far left with Gun hill behind the triangulation pillar (Feb 2005).

JUNE 2005: Shutlingsloe

Neil, Jane and Ann walking near Wildboarclough. Shutlingsloe is the peak in the distance.

Berry Hill High's finest. Neil and Nick pose on the bridge at Three Shires Head. Both were pleased as they had found the perfect place to hide the bodies of dead students

MARCH 2004: Kinder Scout

The Ratboy taking a bearing from the remains of a crashed aircraft in the middle of the Kinder Scout bogs.

We were finally rescued 8 days later by the Glossop Mountain Rescue team.

JUNE 2006: Kinder Scout

Kinder Scout, June 2006. This walk turned out to be good practice for the searing heat that was to be experienced on the Dales Way. This shot was taking looking up the 'Valley of the Rocks' which leads up from the ascent via Grindsbrook.

A rather tough looking Alison - enjoying the heat on Kinder!

Dave on the Kinder plateau in temperatures approaching 29 degrees. Another shot from the Kinder Scout trip in June, 2006.

JUNE 2005: Kinder Scout

Looking into the Kinder Downfall from the plateau (Kinder Scout). The full Kinder rim was walked on a very warm June day - the photo belies just how hot is was - 2005.

Big Dave

Big fat Dave Hoyle about to eat a big fat lunch at the Kinder Downfall. Oh, and get attacked by big fat sheep - June 2005.

MAY 2010: Kinder Scout

The team can't get enough of Kinder Scout, the overlord of the Peak District, so here's more snaps from a walk in May 2010.

A view up the head of Grindsbrook, the old Pennine Way route. We always turn right here and ascend a less trodden rocky gorge which provides a more entertaining way of reaching the Kinder plateau.

Alison and Sue negotiating the blocks of Grindsbrook.

Gordon smiles after his little legs had safely managed to get him over one of the trickier sections of the rocky gorge. Looks like he may have had a piss on the way though.

JUNE 2010: Kinder Scout - Brown Knoll - Rushup Edge - Mam Tor

The same ascent route up to Kinder was used as above but rather than head for the Downfall we veered to the south to walk over Brown Knoll and the ridge which leads to Mam Tor.

All ma bitches givin' it large bro in one place. Sweatin' like.

Sue and Al clamber over the rocks of the gorge. They could still smell Gordon's piss from a few weeks back.

Approaching Brown Knoll from Kinder. I've never worked out why it's called 'Brown Knoll'.

MARCH 2010: Wincle Minn and the Dane

A Bond 'made-up' walk of around 12 miles was enjoyed by a larger than normal group. The weather was, yet again, excellent.

Ascending Nabbs Hill from Greasley Hollow. Come on, you all know where that is don't you?

Walking over Wincle\Bosley Minn gives excellent views over the Peak District. The 'Matterhorn of the Peak District, Shutlingsloe, can be seen in this image.

MARCH 2010: The Goyt Valley

The spring of 2010 was cold and clear and provided excellent walking. An enjoyable day on Shining Tor was had.

Karen and Alison yomp over Shining Tor.

Descending from Shining Tor into the Errwood area of the Goyt.

JANUARY 2010: Tittesworth from Leek

The winter of 2009\2010 was a rather snowy affair so travel by car was limited for a while. Rather than waste the glorious weather we decided to walk around Tittesworth reservoir from Leek....

...and have a pint or two in the Lazy Trout, Meerbrook. Alison and Mike are pictured and are really enjoying their day.


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