The Roaches

Memories from a camping trip in  Wasdale - 2001

A cracking weekend's hillwalking was enjoyed by 'Ratboy' and myself.

After the dreadful Scottish weather and a wet day out on Fairfield\Helvellyn a few weeks earlier it was about time we enjoyed some 'real' summer weather...

At the base of Napes Needle on Great Gable (2927 ft). The challenge of 'threading the needle' involves climbing the crack to the right of the needle and dropping down a similar but more exposed crack on the other side.

The shot above shows the needle from the West.

The descent is more exposed than the ascent which means more room for fatties. 'Ratboy' ratted the scramble in typical ratty fashion whereas I took my time and ensured that holds rated at 16 stone and above were used.

The Scafell group from the summit of Kirk Fell (2630ft).

Scafell Pike (3210ft) is to the left with Scafell (3162ft) appearing behind Scafell Crag to the right. Lingmell is the craggy peak in the middle foreground.

Great Gable seen from the summit of Kirk Fell. The descent from the summit of Gable is nowhere near as abysmal as it appears on this shot.

Pillar Rock (Pillar 2929ft) from Robinsons cairn. The route to the back of the rock over the Shamrock traverse can be clearly seen.

The summits of Lower Man and High Man on Pillar Rock. 'Ratboy' adds scale to the buttress which is nearly 7 feet tall.


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