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Memories from a trip to Patterdale - 2012

November 2012. Jon had organised a couple of nights at the Patterdale hotel so a good sized group of us descended on the Lakes to eat, drink and walk.

SATURDAY - Place Fell and Hallin Fell. 10.5 miles\3164ft ascent.

Various options had been considered for today's walk but we decided to try Place Fell. Other options were available for later in the day so we decided to make a decision as the day progressed.

Ann had already decided not to walk due to an ankle injury sustained in the week so her plan was to hobble down to Glenridding and watch the rugby international. Dave however, woke up with a cough and decided to join Ann. Apparently, the 'cough' had been planned three weeks ago.

This left Al, Jon, Sarah, Gordon, Jane, Mark and Jim as the day's walking team so we left the hotel and headed over to Side Farm where the climb to Place Fell begins.

Autumnal autumness on the ascent of Place Fell. Caudale Moor and Red Screes are the peaks in the distance.

Al's still tired. This is what's known as sleepwalking. If she carries on doing this she'll end up falling.

The weather to the west looked good and a few of us were beginning to regret not walking over the bigger hills of the Fairfield group. On reaching Boredale Hause though the temperature cooled and the view to the west wasn't quite as enticing as earlier. We were now glad of the fact that we were ascending Place Fell.

Waterproofs were donned in readiness for the steep ascent to the summit of Place Fell.

Waterproofs on near Boredale Hause. This made Sarah cry.

The summit was soon reached and a rather decent view opened up. The summit trig point was pleasantly situated on a rocky platform which seemed like a good spot for a team photo:

Another Wainwright ticked off. The summit of Place Fell. No wonder Sarah was crying - she'd carried Mark up the hill in her rucsac and now had Jane's arm stuck up her arse.

Where to now? Jon fancied Hallin Fell and the lakeside path whilst I fancied Hallin Fell and a return over Beda Head. We postponed a decision and marched over the summit moor of Place Fell towards High Dodd before descending to Garth Heads.

The descent was wet and rather slippy which is usually perfect terrain for the rapid descending pig - Alison. Today however, saw the sleepwalking pig make a bit of a 'pig' of things as she fell on steep grass. I've been informed that the fall was quite impressive but no one was available to capture the event on camera.

A few more slips were enjoyed by other team members before we made it to the safety of Garth Heads. It was time to decide on the next stage of the walk.

Jim decided to leave us a head for Beda Head so, in a state of Jimless, we decided to tackle the awe inspiring ramparts of Hallin Fell.

Looking back over to Place Fell (the hill covered in sun) from the base of Hallin Fell. Jim was somewhere on the dark ridge of Beda Head on the left.

The ascent of Hallin Fell was short but steep. A mental note was made of a few steep grassy sections where the descent looked like being a tricky affair. Would Al survive?

Jane on the summit of Hallin Fell.

Views towards the north section of Ullswater opened up from the summit of Hallin Fell and after a few photos we turned back and descended using the ascent path. No one fell over which came as a bit of a shock.

Lunch was taken next to Martindale church - stood up in a field!

We decided to give Beda Head a miss and took the original planned route which took in the wooded shores of Ullswater. The odd drop of rain was 'enjoyed' on the path which resulted in numerous on\off waterproof moments - oh joy!

The lakeside path wasn't quite as 'flat' as we'd expected thanks to numerous up and down sections. The route twisted around the shoreline bluffs and switched from being a few yards from the lake to a couple of hundred feet higher. Sarah decided to bang her foot which caused her to slow down. Jane decided at one point that if Patterdale couldn't be seen around the next bend she'd cry. Patterdale couldn't be seen around the next bend but Jane decided not to cry.

We reached Patterdale and threw down a few beers. The walk had been slightly longer and harder than expected but had been enjoyed by all. Well, when I say 'all' I forget that Al fell over on two occasions and picked up a couple of blisters, Sarah picked up blisters and knackered her knee and Jane just wanted to cry. What's happening to the women of Pighole?

Jim joined us for beers and food and bragged about his smaller girly gay walk. Why did Jim decide to leave us? Will we ever find out?

That was the weekend's walking done for most of the team. Dave's cough had been magically cured by a few beers but Ann was still wankled. They, along with Jim, would be returning home on the Sunday whereas Gordon, Jane, Al and I would be staying for at least another night.

Where would we walk on the Sunday?

SUNDAY - Blea Rigg from Grasmere

Al and I drove to Grasmere and decided on walking up Easedale to the summit of Blea Rigg where various options would be available later in the day. The weather was glorious so after checking in to the hotel and parking up we marched towards Easedale Tarn baked in warm autumn sunshine.

Codale and Easedale Tarns from just below the summit of Blea Rigg. Helvellyn and Fairfield are the snow capped peaks in the distance.

The forecast was for improving weather as the day progressed but the clouds replaced the clear skies and the air turned a tad cool. Despite numerous wet rocky scrambles Al decided to stay upright which was surprising considering the previous day's antics.

We reached the summit of Blea Rigg and decided against taking in the peaks of Sergeant Man and High Raise. Al's legs were tiring so we took the pleasant ridge towards Silver Howe where we'd descend back into Grasmere.

Harrison Stickle and Pavey Ark from Blea Rigg. Gordon and Jane are somewhere on the Coniston hills to the left.

A slowish descent saw us back in Grasmere where it started to rain. Lucky us!

That was it. Another walking weekend was over but it'd been enjoyed by all.

Will Jon organise something similar next year?


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