The Roaches

Memories from two ascents of Helvellyn - 2001

Two excellent trips to Helvellyn in great snow conditions began what turned out to be an excellent year for walking.

Looking over Striding Edge and onto the main east face of Helvellyn. Dave Hoyle can be seen beginning the ridge just to the right of centre.

Yours truly perched on the edge. There aren't many shots of the author on this website so enjoy this one.

Looking down on a dark and moody Striding Edge from Helvellyn summit.

A shot taken from a similar viewpoint to the one above a couple of weeks later.

An extra couple of inches of snow had fallen and it was a few degrees cooler - top winter walking weather.

We had to laugh when we noticed this couple having a 'domestic' on the summit of Helvellyn.

After hitting her over the head with his ice axe and then pushing her down the east face she finally managed to climb back up and agree to having a plasma TV.

The 'Ratboy' on the final climb up to the summit from the end of the ridge. This easy scramble is always good fun no matter what the weather. A couple we had just passed may have had problems however as they were without crampons or ice axes.

Dollywagon and Nethermost Pike from Striding Edge.


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